Appealing against a Tribunal decision

Application for a review or appeal against a tribunal decision can be made on limited grounds.

Our decision is final. If you think there is a technical problem with the decision and how it was made, you can ask us to review it. We will not review our decision simply because you are not happy with it. We must receive your written request to review within 28 calendar days of the date of the letter we sent with the decision.

If you think that the decision is wrong in law you can appeal to the Lands Chamber of the Upper Tribunal.  Information about making an appeal and the time-limit for doing so can be found on the website for Her Majesties Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) or alternatively contact HMCTS at:

Upper Tribunal (Lands Chamber)
45 Bedford Square

Tel: 020 7612 9710
Fax: 020 7612 9723
Typetalk: 18001 020 7612 9710

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